Chestnut crepes

Chestnut flour is something we don’t rave about enough. I hadn’t really heard of it until this year, having come across it in a couple of recipes while editing a cookbook, but it is such a scrumptious and delicious flour that I intend to use more often. It isn’t easy to find, nor is it the cheapest flour on the market, but if you do enough research you can find it slightly cheaper than what Wholefoods sell it for. I found mine at Lina Stores in Soho but you can also get it from the brilliant Natoora website.

These chestnut crepes are so wafer thin and taste divine. I went to the photo shoot for the Nina St Tropez cookbook (publishing in June 2014) and Nina made these with her Nintella (like Nutella, but with the luxurious addition of macadamia nuts). We got to eat the crepes after the shot was done and oh my my was it a rollercoaster ride of the tastebuds. I was literally stamping the ground with my feet in excitement because it was the best crepe I had ever eaten. Paired with the chocolate spread, it tasted truly out of this world. They are so delicately thin and light-tasting. The chestnut flour gives the crepes an almost roasted nutty, sweet quality, and even after you eat five or six you don’t feel bloated or fat (and they are gluten free).  Since making these the first time, I’ve had them again and again. They are going to be my go-to weekend breakfast, there is simply no turning back.

Pictured directly below are Nina’s version from the photo shoot.

photo (11)

Chestnut crepes

150g chestnut flour

60g golden caster sugar

1 egg, lightly beaten

300ml whole milk

10g unsalted butter

In a large bowl, mix together the chestnut flour, sugar and egg. Drizzle in the milk, stirring continuously with a whisk to stop any lumps from forming. Place a non-stick frying pan over a medium-high heat and add a little butter to coat the bottom of the pan. Once melted, add a ladle of batter to the pan, quickly swirling it around to create a very thin crepe. Cook for about 1 minute per side. Eat immediately. Don’t even attempt to keep them warm because they are best straight out of the frying pan and into hungry mouths.

Serve with Nintella (recipe featured in the book, published in 2014!) or Nutella. I also love them with Greek yoghurt, maple syrup and strawberries or sliced bananas.

(Recipe from Nina St Tropez: Recipes from the South of France, Nina Parker, W&N, June 2014)