Momofuku, New York City

I don’t want to make a thing of putting up photos from my travels as I don’t want to turn into one of those foodie-obsessives who go travelling and photograph all their food from many angles in turn, letting the food go cold and ruining the ‘food moment’. But I must admit, there is a strong sense of appeal for me to savour the food with photographs so here are some shots from what I ate on my recent trip to New York. It was my birthday, yep, another year towards 30! This year I celebrated by visiting the much talked about Momofuku. I had heard much about David Chang’s chain of tasty, inexpensive and interesting take on Asian food. A bit of a radical and meat-loving chef, David Chang’s cookbook Momofuku has long been on my wish list for cookbooks to read. There is something so simple about cooking ramen with a twist, or just inventing a twist on traditional Asian cuisine not yet done, making it cheap and accessible, and not compromising on taste. Known for his meaty and no-nonsense kind of food, I made it a must on the itinerary to take a trip to try some of the ramen dishes first hand. Having spent all my money on the plane tickets, I thought it wise not to go to Momofuku Ko (partly because of the infamous intense booking system) but to Momofuku Noodlebar in the East Village instead.

For starters we ordered the shiitake steamed buns. Instead of the traditional looking steamed buns where the filling is central and encased within a fluffy white bun, this one was more like a steamed bun sandwich—the bun had been cut in half and the filling packed inside. The shiitake was tender and what’s more it was packed full of flavour—a bit of soy sauce and oyster sauce perhaps with some other sweet and delightful undertone.

Next up was the Momofuku Ramen of pork belly, pork shoulder and a poached egg.

The poached egg was the best part as it was perfectly cooked—breaking the middle made the yolk ooze out all runny and amazing. The temperature of the ramen was hot, but not piping hot so the egg didn’t continue to cook which made the ramen so tasty. The pork belly itself was the tenderest meat I have ever had and the second best part were the little slices of pink swirled fish balls (well, I think it was fish?!).

The milk bar was a bit of a different story. I got the brown butter cake soft serve and found it a bit too sweet and sickly. It may have been that I had a cold that day or it might be that I just don’t find cake flavoured soft serve the best thing to finish off a delicious meal.